Margrace House
The house on Margrace, Kings Mountain, NC.

The Mauney Family originated in Switzerland, in the Canton of Bern. The original family name appears to have been "Mani". How it got changed to "Mauney" - and pronounced "Mooney" - is anyone's guess. The family, led by Hans William Mani, emigrated to the Alsace region of France sometime between 1691 and 1704. In 1741, his grandson, Hans Jacob Mani II, boarded the ship Lydia with his family and landed in Philadelphia. They settled in Lancaster County. Hans Jacob Mauney III then moved to Rutherford County, North Carolina, along with three of his sons, Valentine, Christian, and Jacob, who settled in what is now Lincoln and Gaston Counties.

According to records, the Lydia landed in Philadelphia September 29, 1741. Among the passengers listed were Jacob Many, age 50, Jost Many, 19, Hans Adam Many, 16, and Jacob Many, 24. Also listed are Peter Ecker, 40, Christian Ecker, 19, and Peter Ecker, who would have been 21 years old. The Eckers are the father and brothers of the younger Jacob Many's wife, Catherine.

Veronica Gilmann Ecker, Catherine's mother, either died on board the Lydia or shortly before it left Europe.

The reason for leaving their family home is likely religious. Much of Europe at the time was in religious upheaval, and Switzerland was no exception. Switzerland was dominated by the Catholic Church, but the Swiss Reform Church, the Mennonites, and the Amish were trying to gain a foothold. While the Reform Church remains in Switzerland, The Mennonites and Amish were forced to leave. There are links to the Amish and Mennonites within the Mauney family. Elsbeth Schaller, wife of Hans William, appears to have been raised Amish, and the family of Caty Summey, Christian Mauney's wife, were Mennonites.

The descendants of Hans Adam Mani (1724 - 1785), youngest son of Hans Jacob II, remained in Pennsylvania, where their name became "Mohney." The rest of the Mani sons spread out to Ohio, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas.

Mauney Bros
Wiley Sylvanus, James L. and Caleb B. Mauney